Women’s sexuality

Female sexuality has largely taken a back seat for much of human history, where a woman’s role as spouse, mother, and homemaker have taken precedence. However, in recent years there has been a shift in public discourse, allowing for a more frank discussion of topics like sexual health. As we grow in our understanding of how social, cultural, ethnic, and spiritual overtones affect the discourse, women are now becoming empowered in the bedroom. Being understood as more than objects of male desire, women around the globe are coming to the realization that their desires have no less importance than a man’s. 

While age and life situation may affect a woman’s own understanding of her sexual orientation, the fluidity of intimacy and relationships can be a confusing subject for any woman. This site aims to open a frank dialogue into issues of this nature.

Ask yourself..

Where do my ideas about sex come from? Have they been helpful or harmful guidelines? What aspects of my own sexuality have I been questioning?

Sex and you

If you’ve been looking for a fulfilling sex life, emotional well-being, and an uncomplicated approach to your own sexuality, you’ve come to the right place.